Andine Manutención S.L. comprises the following departments:
Our team has vast experience in the automation field, in addition to the skills required to understand and to interpret each customer’s needs in order to find the best solution available together.

Mechanic engineering and development
Consisting of a team of industrial engineers who are in charge of adapting and seeking the best solutions to meet the customer’s demands. All our designs are compliant with current legislation in regards to manufacturing as well as health and safety. We also provide all our blueprints in 3D format in order to avoid errors, while reducing costs and saving time. Our ultimate aim is always to achieve the most efficient solution.

Electrical engineering and IT
Our team of electrical and telecommunications engineers has wide experience in automation as well as vision, management and control. They are in charge of preparing projects, electrical diagrams, application-specific software development, as well as programming and providing support to different types of PLC.

Manufacturing and assembly
During the manufacturing and assembly process, all equipment is subject to the most strict quality controls at our own workshops, resulting in shorter onsite installation times.

Technical support
Our team of highly qualified technicians are able to carry out any type of industrial equipment repairs or maintenance. We can service any mechanical, pneumatic, electric and electronic machine. Our experience is our best guarantee.